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Yes, Shilpa! Send Me $8,994 In Bonus Trainings and Resources FREE When I join Argentum Mentoring Program Today.

I understand this offer is a part of a VERY limited cohort, and this offer will expire when the timer hits zero or the seats are booked whichever is earlier.

Here’s What I’m Getting as my bonuses worth over 8,994 dollars…

BONUS: Exclusive Homeopathy StartUp Class - 12 month Weekly Online Program ($1000)

This class shows you how to use the Startup strategies in every day clinics to get your patients instant dramatic outcome right in the first consult.

These are created by doctors in the homeopathic hospitals who implement these strategies on hundreds of patients on a daily basis in various clinical conditions right in your inbox each week.

BONUS : Full Blown Advanced Argentum Coaching Program - 12 Month Online class ($1000)

Module 1 and 2

Special Kickstart Modules which are perfect if you are just starting out or want to build immediate momentum in building your practice using the Stages Framework. This kickstart module will show you what to do first to quickly get your homeopathic practice up and running.

Module 3-6

These comprehensive modules train you at every stage on how to use the Classical and Breakthrough strategies to build immediate momentum in your stuck cases. Forget mixed results and prior disappointments. Be equipped and empowered to “see through” cases and make homeopathic clinical decisions with confidence using information and tools that few others know.

BONUS : Monetize your mission and get fully booked comprehensive video training ($3000)

This program is specially created by Shilpa’s business mentor Jeffery Slayter - a Best Selling Author and International Speaker.

It will show you how to take your passion and expertise to position yourself as an authority in your niche and get fully booked. Not just that it will then show you how to go from 1:1 unleveraged practice to creating true leverage and scale your business and become a top leader in your field (so you can make more income and impact without working more hours)

ARGENTUM GOLD MINE at your fingertips - ($3994+)

You have unrestricted access to -

  • 375+ Submitted Case studies by Argentum Members with active followups at every stage
  • 300+ Discussion topics with specialist solutions and prescriptions.
  • 100+ presentation slides, case taking templates, and clinical therapeutics by Argentum Mentors.
  • 80+ Hours Audio recordings of Shilpa’s interactive coaching calls.
  • and much much more..

So from Day one you tap into the collective wisdom, clinical experience and, case studies through hundreds of clinics by Argentum members in the last 8 years so you can bridge the gap between theory and real clinical practice….Fast.

That’s $8,994.00 in FREE gifts just for enrolling today.

I understand this offer is a part of a VERY limited cohort, and this page will expire when the timer hits “zero”.

Here’s What You’re Getting Every Month as an Argentum Mentoring Member.

Being an Argentum member is like being in my office and having me personally showing you exactly what’s working right now… every single day

You get to stay in constant contact with me and your fellow members… and you’re updated on what’s important: STUFF THAT BUILDS YOUR SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE.

It’s like having me, my co-mentors and an entire community of super - sharp like minded heart centered practitioners in your corner…looking out for you and helping you at every turn.

There is a reason we have just over a 92% renewal rate, which is almost 300% better than any program I know… BECAUSE IT WORKS.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’re getting:

  • Personalised One on One Case Mentoring 24/7 by your mentors through the private Argentum Portal from day one.

    Your Argentum mentors have over 4 decades combined experience of running highly successful homeopathic clinics across a range of locations and have worked with more than 20 thousand one on one clinical cases.

    So get your case analysis,your repertorisations, your prescriptions, your followups, your miasmatic diagnosis and your entire case strategy and framework reviewed for every case,tweaked,and turbo charged by Shilpa and her co-mentors personally.

  • LIVE interactive Implementation Coaching Calls every month with Shilpa

    Want hand holding in implementing a homoeopathic or business strategy for your own clinical situation? Shilpa selects three case studies or hot seats each month for personal and homeopathic coaching. She handholds you through the entire challenge through interactive video call.

    She will identify blocks and help you get them unstuck, get started, or take what’s working for right now and put it on high acceleration so you and your patient moves to the next level.

    Not just that the entire group will brainstorms on your situation so the collective wisdom will help you every month…..LIVE online!

  • Access to an Elite Panel of Specialist Medical Doctors

    It’s no secret. You need on the spot prescriptions and acute clinical solutions to overcome obstacles for a variety of conditions to get started fast.

    That’s why as a member of Argentum you are not limited by the knowledge and expertise of just one practitioner.

    You are connected to an entire panel of incredible specialist medical doctors in homeopathy through our panel.

    Your co-mentor Dr Trupti MD,is the head of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Mumbai homeopathic hospital. And through her you get specialised help through a panel of homeopathic medical specialists.

    Our panel manages thousands of hospital patients each month from ENT to Rheumatology and from Surgery to Paediatrics.

    So within the scope of homoeopathy there is no homeopathic problem the Argentum team can’t help with, and no obstacle that they can’t overcome.

  • Look over my shoulder “Real life Clinical Cases”

    You will get selected clinical cases from your mentor’s practices where Shilpa personally walks you through the implementation of the Stages Framework using Startup, Classical and Breakthrough strategies at each followup.

    It’s like working in the clinic with her side- by — side and watching the action first hand… and then having her personally answer your questions on the case helping you implement that same strategy in your practice.

  • Members only Private Portal “Laboratory”

    Connect with fellow members around the world in the Argentum Community and share what’s working best for you..while they share what’s working best for them!

    See success stories evolve before your eyes, help people by sharing your expertise, and get help from an amazing group of life minded practitioners and entrepreneurs who share the same goals as you!